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Biotope in a Box

The smart solution

Outstanding engineering combined with beautiful design. That is our EnviroLab. It integrates lysimeter, vegetation room, light, and climate chamber into a compact stand-alone solution. It is easily controlled with a tablet or remotely from your desk. Inputs are made via an intuitive graphical user interface. Assemble your biotope of soil, plants, and fauna according to your needs and control the environmental parameters according to your research questions.
A visualisation tool makes daily control of the measured values very easy. Alarm functions prevent data gaps and measurement errors.
The data can be stored locally or automatically on a server. The raw data can be individually processed and thus optimally adapted to the user's needs. The EnviroLab is low-maintenance and easy to use—an ideal research platform for all questions about our environment.

  • EnviroLab
    What makes the EnviroLab so unique?
    • Full control of the environmental conditions in the laboratory
    • Thermally insulated atmosphere compartment and lysimeter
    • "Full space" ventilation system for homogeneous climatisation of the atmosphere
    • Large experimental door for unhindered access to the vegetation room
    • Quick and easy lysimeter change due to completely openable front
  • EnviroLab regineering
    Unique atmosphere room

    Plants can grow naturally in the spacious atmosphere room. The size of the growing space can also be adjusted for trees and shrubs. The atmosphere parameters are controlled exactly according to reference scenarios or model-based, or set manually. In addition to air temperature, humidity and wind speed, the CO2 and ozone content in the atmosphere can also be controlled for the urgent research questions. The atmosphere room is gas-tight and can be used for balance and isotope measurements. Gas samples can be taken through ports or external analysers can be connected.

  • EnviroLab regineering
    Innovative air guidance

    Thanks to intelligent air guidance, homogeneous conditions prevail in the entire atmosphere room and no technical stress arises for the plants.

  • EnviroLab regineering
    Powerful light management

    With the multi-channel light management systems, day/night cycles can be simulated from anywhere on the globe.
    The light spectra can be designed from a sun-like full spectrum to multi-channel systems with many individual spectral settings.
    All spectra can be dimmed individually to simulate freely selectable day/night cycles.
    High light intensities of more than 2,500µMol/m²s also make it possible to simulate cloud-free radiation days at almost all latitudes.

  • EnviroLab regineering
    Simple handling

    One focus of the design is the easy handling of the EnviroLab in all functions.
    For this reason, the front panel can be opened completely so that the lysimeter with plant growth can be easily inserted and removed from the EnviroLab.
    All cables and hose connections are designed with plugs and quick-release couplings. This means that the lysimeter can be changed within two hours.

  • EnviroLab regineering
    Flexible, cooled soil compartment

    The soil compartment can be installed as an undisturbed soil monolith or filled with a suitable substrate.
    You select the soil sensors to monitor the processes in the soil column according to your wishes. The measuring system is expandable and thus future-proof.
    To prevent the soil temperature from unnaturally increasing during laboratory operation and artificially accelerating the biological processes, the lysimeter is equipped with a highly efficient heat exchanger at the bottom.
    By setting a thermal gradient in the soil profile, natural or model-based soil processes can be mapped.

  • EnviroLab soli moisture regineering
    Precisely measure soil moisture

    The lysimeter cylinder is weighed with a high-precision weighing system. The accuracy is 100g, which corresponds to a precipitation of 0.1mm.
    Together with the precision balance for the seepage water, the water balance and especially the evapotranspiration of the system can be measured precisely.
    The gradients for soil moisture and soil temperature are controlled. Groundwater simulations are of course also possible with the system.
    The hydraulic lower boundary condition is controlled with a novel lower boundary controller. This has its own processor and a maintenance-free pump. The matrix potential is controlled as a function of the pressure level in order to minimise artefacts caused by the pump intervention.

    Two variants:
    Forest Green and Ocean Blue
    Quickly available and economically attractive.

    The EnviroLab can be configured completely freely with sensors and simulation options. In addition, we offer two pre-configured variants that are technically outstanding and particularly economically attractive. And if you need it fast, it can be delivered within a few weeks.

      Forest Green Ocean Blue
    Air temperature simulation
    Air humidity simulation
    Lighting simulation (dimmable by channel 0-100%) 2-channel LEDs, 2500µMol/m²s 5-channel LEDs, 2500µMol/m²s
    CO₂ simulation
    CH₄ simulation
    - optional
    N₂O simulation
    - optional
    O₃ simulation
    - optional
    Irrigation system and simulation -
    Input parameter control via graphical user interface
    Input parameter control via time series input -
    Camera -
    Soil temperature simulation (lower boundary)
    Metric potential simulation (lower boundary) -
    Control lower boundary condition Free drainage with tipping bucket
    (Resolution: 100g)
    LBC-pump with aliquote sampling device
    Lysimeter weighing system
    Matric potential sensors 1x TEROS32 4x TEROS32
    Water content sensors - 4x TrimePico32
    Root tubes -
    AWAT-Filter -
    Control based on Industry standards with PLC and full remote control
    Easy Data visualisation

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