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We develop environmental simulations.

Development of advanced technologies and special test benches

Precise simulation of conditions

because research needs precision.

We work closely with the research sector. In dialogue with our customers and development partners, we see how important precision and reliability are for the work of developers and researchers. The research is complex and costly. This is why it is vital to be able to rely on environmental simulation systems.


Pioneers of the heights

Unique worldwide


In Reinhold Messner's homeland stands the world's first facility capable of simulating virtually all environmental conditions on earth, right up to the summit of Mount Everest. It is a globally unique achievement. These conditions include sunlight, snow, wind, rain, humidity, oxygen concentration and air pressure equivalent to 8848 metres above sea level. The facility was planned and built by regineering. 

Environmental simulation in chambers

Climate chambers

Every climate in a single room


We have designed and built over 100 climate chambers and other environmental simulation systems. These chambers and systems allow the precise simulation of all common parameters, from full-spectrum light to temperature, humidity and gas concentrations in the air.

Ecotrone und Lysimeter

Die Kreisläufe des Lebens

In the soil and ecosystem


Environmental simulation systems often require special measuring devices or designs. Lysimeters, for example, can be used to precisely determine soil water balance variables; ecotrons can be used to model environmental systems. It is important to us to work closely with our clients to develop and build exactly what users need.