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We let culture shine.

Bringing art and culture to life, creatively.

Implementing cultural projects

because new questions create new knowledge.

Why does an engineering company that deals with environmental simulation, complex buildings and sustainable energy also work on cultural projects? In doing so, we are confronted with completely new questions - and we learn a lot by answering them. This makes our team better at finding solutions in other areas and broadens our thinking horizons. We only support projects that we consider to be exciting and meaningful. When we see the faces of our employees at the end of the projects, we also see joy and pride. This is why we do it.  

Oktoberfest Bomb Attack Documentation

Placing the focus on the victims

Because it's our responsibility

When a documentary was created to mark the fortieth anniversary of the Oktoberfest attack, we had the honour of designing, manufacturing and assembling the 234 figures (with lighting) on site according to the vision of Müller Rieger

The characters of the documentary represent the many victims of the right-wing terrorist attack. Following five months of planning and construction, we were able to complete the project for the opening date of September 26, 2020. It was an honour to have participated in the project. It was a very special endeavour, with the aim of showing the suffering the most serious right-wing extremist terrorist act in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany had brought upon its victims. As such, we are also pleased that the survivors were actively involved in the design and realisation.