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Our world is changing rapidly - and we need good concepts quickly to protect our future. Science and research provide us with well-founded facts on which to base our decisions. To do this, researchers deserve the best measurement equipment and tools. We realise this equipment and are continuously developing new tools so that the wheel of progress never stops.

Ecotron 4.0

Cosmos in a container

The smart solution

Peak performance combined with full flexibility. We have developed a perfect mobile platform for ecosystem research, phenotyping and the study of climate change. We design, build and test the entire system in-house under real conditions. Then we simply deliver the preinstalled container to you. Plug & play. And all without bureaucratic approvals.

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The sun in the laboratory

The shining solution

Ecotron 4.0

We can design your individual LIghtMAnagementSystem (LIMAS). Whether it's for plant growth, aquaculture or material testing, we can offer you a customised solution for your purpose. Our multi-channel LED lighting systems can precisely reproduce day and night cycles. The lighting conditions of sunrise and sunset are simulated very close to nature in the laboratory and can be adapted to any climate zone. The intelligent design of the LED modules, which we develop in-house, guarantees energy-efficient operation and a long service life.